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Amen! :)

On a related note, check out this article about
pollution (along with some other items) being listed
as a sin by the Catholic church:

In Christ,

--- Randy Isaac <> wrote:

> Do any of you have a copy of the full declaration?
> Note particularly in the following article the
> comments by Merritt on his epiphany and that the
> declaration says they are not letting "lack of
> scientific unanimity" preclude action! Swallow hard!
> They'll take the moral high ground and recommend
> prudent action even before those scientists can get
> their act together.
> Randy
> From the NYTimes:
> Southern Baptists Back a Shift on Climate Change
> Published: March 10, 2008
> Signaling a significant departure from the Southern
> Baptist Convention's official stance on global
> warming, 44 Southern Baptist leaders have decided to
> back a declaration calling for more action on
> climate change, saying its previous position on the
> issue was "too timid."
> The largest denomination in the United States after
> the Roman Catholic Church, the Southern Baptist
> Convention, with more than 16 million members, is
> politically and theologically conservative.
> Yet its current president, the Rev. Frank Page,
> signed the initiative, "A Southern Baptist
> Declaration on the Environment and Climate Change."
> Two past presidents of the convention, the Rev. Jack
> Graham and the Rev. James Merritt, also signed.
> "We believe our current denominational engagement
> with these issues has often been too timid, failing
> to produce a unified moral voice," the church
> leaders wrote in their new declaration.
> A 2007 resolution passed by the convention hewed to
> a more skeptical view of global warming.
> In contrast, the new declaration, which will be
> released Monday, states, "Our cautious response to
> these issues in the face of mounting evidence may be
> seen by the world as uncaring, reckless and
> ill-informed."
> The document also urges ministers to preach more
> about the environment and for all Baptists to keep
> an open mind about considering environmental policy.
> Jonathan Merritt, the spokesman for the Southern
> Baptist Environment and Climate Initiative and a
> seminarian at Southeastern Baptist Theological
> Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C., said the declaration
> was a call to Christians to return to a biblical
> mandate to guard the world God created.
> The Southern Baptist signatories join a growing
> community of evangelicals pushing for more action
> among believers, industry and politicians. Experts
> on the Southern Baptist Convention noted the
> initiative marked the growing influence of younger
> leaders on the discussions in the Southern Baptist
> Convention.
> While those younger Baptists remain committed to
> fight abortion, for instance, the environment is now
> a top priority, too.
> "In no way do we intend to back away from sanctity
> of life," said the Rev. Dr. Timothy George, dean of
> Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham, Ala.
> Still, many powerful Southern Baptist leaders and
> agencies did not sign the declaration, including the
> convention's influential political arm, the Ethics
> and Religious Liberty Commission.
> Dr. Barrett Duke, vice president for public policy
> at the commission, played down the differences
> between the declaration and the Southern Baptist
> Convention's position.
> The declaration says in fact that lack of scientific
> unanimity should not preclude "prudent action,"
> which includes changing individual habits and giving
> "serious consideration to responsible policies that
> effectively address" global warming.
> The declaration is the outgrowth of soul-searching
> by Mr. Merritt, 25. The younger Mr. Merritt said
> that for years he had been "an enemy of the
> environment." Then, he said, he had an epiphany.
> "I learned that God reveals himself through
> Scripture and in general through his creation, and
> when we destroy God's creation, it's similar to
> ripping pages from the Bible," Mr. Merritt said.

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