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From: Donald F Calbreath <>
Date: Sat Mar 08 2008 - 10:54:30 EST

I am a part of a project with all these scholars that is funded by the Templeton Foundation. The project deals with the intersection of science and Pentecostal/charismatic theology. Yong and Vondey are on the faculty at Regent University. Yong has been involved for years with the Divine Action Project of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at Berkeley. He is a prolific writer (both books and articles). He has published a number of science-religion materials in Zygon. Vondey is younger and I'm not familiar with the science-religion material he has published other than an article for the "Science and Spirit" project mentioned above. Smith is a team leader of this project (along with Yong). Elbert is also a team member for this project. To my knowledge, Schloss is not charismatic, but has done some studies of specific charismatic aspects of worship (sorry, no references right now).

Don Calbreath
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Subject: [asa] Pentacostal / Charismatic Faith-Science Work

The current issue of First Things (April 2008) has a nice article by James K.A. Smith about the maturation of pentacostal theology (sorry, no link available yet). Though it's not a major concern of the article, Smith references a few contemporary charismatic / pentacostal theologians and scientists who are working on faith/science issues: Amos Yong, Wolfgang Vondey, and Jeff Schloss. Does anyone know of any useful works by Yong or Vondey? I've read some of Schloss' work, but wasn't aware he is charismatic. Smith mentions some work by Schloss on using "signaling theory" to help explain Pentacostal and charismatic worship -- does anyone have a reference for that?

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