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From: Don Winterstein <>
Date: Sun Mar 02 2008 - 02:16:11 EST

Rich says, "That's simply not true."

I think you missed my emphasis here. Ultimately any significant action to curtail GHG emissions, especially if it's "draconian," will require a huge PR effort to gain the consent of the people. People are fully supportive as long as actions taken don't affect them personally in a negative way, but if the actions get significant, they will affect people negatively. Those who then hear things like, "The January global land surface average was below the 20th century mean...," are unlikely to be in a proper frame of mind to go along; and if enough refuse to go along, the significant actions won't happen. Of course, in this instance the temperature (strangely) went right back up, and such a development would tend to restore motivation.


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    A point that will stick out glaringly to many is, "The January global land surface average was below the 20th century mean...." How seriously is the man in the street going to take GW if you have a month whose average temperature is below the average for the entire last century?

  That's simply not true. That's my point. This whole new global cooling phase is a lie. But don't take my word for it. Note what Jim Hansen said on another list:

    If you like to see how unusual the global temperature in January was go to<>
    and click on the channel LT data (global lower troposphere, about 900 mb level). You can see that the temperature was actually above the 20 year mean, and today the temperature is back up to the level of last year, far above the 20-year mean. Note that this is the web site of John Christy, a contrarian. He has been very quiet about the fact that the satellite data now show that the position he was taking for years is way off base. Jim

  I went out there and you can see the results here:<>

  Rich Blinne, Member ASA

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