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 I think you could say that new information is one of the inevitable results of the
existence of the prior state information.? I say "one of the inevitable results" because
an infinite number of possible states of information could have happened but didn't.

I think the irreducible info that Hawkins espouses deals with the fact that only one
thing actually happens and the extent of the resulting info is conserved absolutely like
the conservation of matter that arranges the info.? However, the possible outcomes that
were not realized remain infinitely greater. Is that information?? I don't know.?

On a microscopic scale, it's like the difference between the total number of associations
the brain can make compared to the ones it actually makes.? The magic is, that even though
what we wind up with is pretty mundane for the most part, I think the potential for what we
could conceive in one lifetime by the unique arrangement of our thoughts, is literally boundless.

It is the arrangement of the info of our conception that I think is the Rosetta Stone of our
purpose.? We can affect reality at the very pinnacle of locally focused information (us) in a
way that maximizes the reflection of our instinct for God.?

-Mike (friend of ASA)



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The question on space and distance brings to mind a question I had
about conservation of information. As popularly used in
antievolutionary arguments, the principle of conservation of
information is a fiction invented for the purpose of denying
evolution. Mutations do happen, and every new mutation (or even every
new combination of genes occurring through recombination, sexual
reproduction, etc.) produces novel information. However, I saw
mention that the principle of conservation of information had led
Hawkings to reconsider his thoughts on black holes. What does that
assert and how is it compatible with the observation that new
information is generated all the time? (E.g., the information that I
just sent a note to the ASA list today is new information.)

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