Re: [asa] Anthropogenic Climate Change Theory and Busted Sod

From: PvM <>
Date: Sun Oct 28 2007 - 17:44:41 EDT

Nice quote mines. If global warming deniers have alternative climate
models to share then let them provide them, accusing climate models of
being wrong, or accusing climate modelers of being misleading is just
not really much of an argument.
At least, not much of a scientific one. But perhaps that is not
Janice's concern.

As to the link between global warming and human activity, I believe
that data are quite convincing and few seem to doubt this. So now the
question has become, the potential future impact and while climate
models may be insufficient in predicting which outcome will happen,
the range of outcomes are sufficiently dire that policy makers cannot
just hide their heads in the sand.

Reduction of pollutants has more than just an impact on global warming
however and good policy includes these benefits as well.

Scientifically speaking there is not much of a disagreement on
substantial issues, while at a policy level there should be sufficient
room to make decisions that minimize the cost and impact on our
society while avoiding the plausible scenarios laid out by IPCC and

As such it is good to see how policy makers are starting to listen and
take seriously the science of global warming

On 10/28/07, Janice Matchett <> wrote:
> At 01:09 AM 10/23/2007, wrote:
> ... But it's not the climate models that are at the root of the
> controversy. ....
> @ Au contraire.

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