Re: [asa] Anthropogenic Climate Change Theory and Busted Sod

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Sun Oct 28 2007 - 15:13:11 EDT

At 01:09 AM 10/23/2007, wrote:

>... But it's not the climate models that are at the root of the
>controversy. ....

@ Au contraire.

QUOTE: "The data don't matter. We're not basing our recommendations
[for reductions in carbon dioxide emissions] upon the data. We're
basing them upon the climate models" (Chris Folland, UK Meteorological Office)

QUOTE: "The climate modelers have been cheating for so long it's
almost become respectable" (Richard Kerr, discussing adjustments in
climate models, Science 1997)

QUOTE: "Since 2001 we have better models where given the right
inputs we can predict the effects but it is still GIGO (garbage in
garbage out) because we still do not have accurate prediction of CO2
levels and probably never will. ~ Rich Blinne - Mon, 11 Dec 2006
11:49:39 -0700 Re: [asa] UN Downgrades Man's Impact On The Climate

QUOTE: "Now I know that the prediction was based upon different
scenarios of CO2 emissions. So, my point above is not valid since I
was unaware that the predictions were scenario-based. Therefore, I
publicly retract my comment." ~ Rich Blinn Sun, 4 Feb 2007
21:50:06 Re: [asa] Effect of CO2-Induced Global Warming on Antarctic
Surface Mass Balance a Hundred Years Hence

QUOTE: "..There are by now a few dozen such models in the world, but
they are not entirely independent of one another, often sharing
common pieces of computer code and common ancestors." ~ K. Emmanuel MIT

QUOTE: "..The problem here is that many important processes are much
smaller than these scales. For example, cumulus clouds in the
atmosphere are critical for transferring heat and water upward and
downward, but they are typically only a few miles across and
so cannot be simulated by the climate models. ... there are not
too many ways to test the model, and projections of future climates
must necessarily involve a degree of faith. " ~ K. Emmanuel MIT

>It's the temperature and the CO2 levels that are both unequivocally
>climbing. ...

@ You're only half right.

QUOTES: "In reality, global temperatures have stopped rising. Data
for both the surface and the lower air show no warming since
1998. That makes no sense by the hypothesis of global warming driven
mainly by CO2, because the amount of CO2 in the air has gone on increasing."

Hollywood activist Laurie David...recently co-authored a children's
global warming book with Cambria Gordon for Scholastic Books titled,
The Down-To-Earth Guide to Global Warming.
But ..A science group found what it called a major "scientific error"
in David's new kid's book on page 18. According to a Science and
Public Policy Institute
<>release on
September 13: "The authors [David and Gordon] present unsuspecting
children with an altered temperature and CO2 graph that reverses the
relationship found in the scientific literature. The manipulation is
critical because David's central premise posits that CO2 drives
temperature, yet the peer-reviewed literature is unanimous that CO2
changes have historically followed temperature
changes." David has now been forced to publicly admit this
significant scientific error in her book." -- 10/26/2007 More:

..Dr. Hendrik Tennekes, former CEO of the Netherlands' Royal National
Meteorological Institute: "I am of the opinion that most scientists
engaged in the design, development, and tuning of climate modes are
in fact software engineers. They are unlicensed, hence unqualified to
sell their products to society."

>Whether it's a problem or not, time will tell. If it's not, then
>I'll say you told me so. If it is, our disagreement will be the
>least of our worries. ~ Ton ami, -Michel

@ Look. I'm not interested in "being" right - I'm only interested
in "what" is right. I don't look kindly on those - who claim to be
my friends - yet attempt to impose their immature conscience and
unbiblical religious ideas on me either directly or through a
surrogate they install into political office to FORCE me to do what I
wouldn't do of my own volition.

Do not think that when the "unintended consequences" wrought by
chickified hand-wringing regressives and their leftist social
engineer control-freak handlers hit the fan AGAIN - as they always
do - that those of us who live in the real world will be happy being
told that we were right.

Especially after the economic factors of their so-called "solutions"
to global warming - which will have no measurable impact on the
climate - create huge economic harm for American families and the
poor residents of the developing world who may see development
hindered by unfounded climate fears.

Ton amie trop ~ Janice

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