Re: [asa] D'Souza vs. Hitchens - Surrending the debate epistemologically by subjecting revealed knowledge to science

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Date: Sun Oct 28 2007 - 15:03:00 EDT

Janice says:

@   " say, for example,
“God is Love,” is not a mythological or speculative statement. Rather, it
is a scientific statement. No, it is beyond that ­ it is a metaphysical
certitude upon which the foundation of science rests....”

"..In the end, the separation of knowledge from religion is the
separation of facts and knowledge from the metaphysics that explains them
and gives them meaning. ..”

I like to say that God is the generally accurate instinctive perception of the infinite context in which the body of human knowledge insignificantly resides. 

-Mikey (friend of ASA)


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