[asa] Space compression

From: Jim Armstrong <jarmstro@qwest.net>
Date: Sat Oct 27 2007 - 20:58:18 EDT

I have a question for our astronomer friends.

The good Dr. Strachan actually (unintentionally) provoked it.

One of the usual arguments for an old universe has to do with the direct
measurement of the position and movements of some night-sky objects, and
such things, all argued from the positions of science and logic.

But it occurred to me to wonder exactly what some of the consequences
would be if the intergalactic and interstellar spacings were consistent
witha 6000 (or 10,000) year Creation.

As one example, it seems to me that this might compress the distances
between suns in a galaxy (for instance) to the point where the flux of
stellar energy within the galaxy would not permit anything like an earth
(or perhaps even the suns) to exist. If that is true for Andromeda (for
example), and if there is no reason to conclude that our own galaxy is
other than essentially similar to Andromeda, then our very existence
would argue against the Young Earth premise.

This is a little akin to the radiation intensification consequence of
the period of accelerated radiation proposed by the RATE project.

Is this radiation consequence a valid presumption? Are there other
consequences of this temporal foreshortening?

This query is by way of a continuing search for ways to fairly simply
illustrate for a lay audience some of the simpler problems that flow
very directly from a YEC time line.

Regards - JimA [Friend of ASA]

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