[asa] Article on Creation, Evolution and Intelligent Design - soliciting feedback.

From: Iain Strachan <igd.strachan@gmail.com>
Date: Fri Oct 26 2007 - 19:36:48 EDT

Dear ASA and CiS

I was recently approached to write an article on Creation, Evolution and
Intelligent Design for a "Christian Focus" magazine published jointly by the
Churches in my town (Abingdon, UK). The editor of the magazine knows my
views and agrees with them. I suspect the reason he approached me was that
I recently had a letter published in the local newspaper on the subject of
Intelligent Design in which I argued that to assign the explanation of what
we do not yet understand to the actions of an Intelligent Designer, was to
give up on the noble quest of science - while making it clear that I was
very much a Christian and a scientist at the same time.

my letter is at:


in response to the letter at


[ In the same issue as my letter, they also published a rather arrogant and
condescending letter from an out-and-out creationist ... I'm pleased to say
that in the following week, my letter got one "thumbs up" and the
creationist's letter , got two "thumbs downs"!]

I was wondering if people might consider reading my article (which expands
on the thoughts in the letter) and giving me some feedback. My principal
concern, as it is for a church magazine, is that I am not seen too much as
"bashing" the other side, while making clear my own views, and encouraging
others to think along the same lines and explore the same issues. So you're
not going to find accuastions of lying or dishonesty in the article, nor are
you going to find insulting phrases such as "scientific vacuity" which serve
no purpose but to get the backs up of people with whom you wish to reason.
However, the other ways in which I've tried to express these thoughts might
be equally likely to give offence, so that is why I'm asking for peoples'

The article, at around 2700 words, is too long (I think) for a post to a
listserv, so if anyone would like to read the article, please email me
privately and I will send them a Word file with the text. (You'll also get
the pictures that way!)

There is a deadline of Nov 1st for the article, so if you'd like to have
some input, time is quite short! :-)

Best regards,

After the game, the King and the pawn go back in the same box.
- Italian Proverb
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