Re: [Bulk] RE: [asa] Design Inference Mixed with Faith WAS Stupid/Dumb Science and Intelligent/Intelligence Science

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Date: Fri Oct 26 2007 - 15:55:24 EDT

John said:

> I think maybe the nuance of what they represent of being the product of
> design as opposed to the overall process that leads to the product may be
> where we are disconnecting with them.

Of course it is.? Indeed, the "overall process" is the Design. Evolution
is the hand of God creating us slowly into an ever greater reflection of
the image of God.? But no less significant is the fact that our understanding
of evolution is so rudimentary as to make our concept of "intelligence," "design"
or "creation" laughably naive compared to what is possible to know about these
subjects. If we survive as a species for another 1000 years it is inevitable
that almost everything we think we know now will appear laughably naive and
everything that our progeny will know then will, in turn, be relegated to naivete by
their progeny.?? ?

It is the purest of arrogance to claim something that a man can characterize
might specifically point to a reflection of God's magnificent Design when none
of us will ever be anywhere near astute enough to have an inkling of the "purpose"
behind that design beyond what our faith can tell us in the meantime.? "Our" purpose
is one thing.? "The" purpose is another.? As such creationist must resist claiming
anything that is contrary to the scientific evidence and science must resist
DISclaiming anything for which the data is equivalently insufficient, which not
coincidentally includes almost everything that is of value about our Faith. ?

BOTH sides in this futile argument have perhaps erred on the side of making
reason their purpose in subordination of their Faith. ?

> I also agree with you that these are not trivial issues and that is why I
> wanted to send this one last email to see if I could try one more time to
> bridge this philosophical gap between us.? Please let me know if you still
> disagree with this further assessment. The overall process is the design.

Amen, brother John.? Amen. ?

-Mike (There is no argument, only false jurisdiction.)


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