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Iain wrote:
It is saddening to hear this - as if the automatic assumption of the media is how can you be religious if you're a scientist?? Perhaps this is a reflection of the way things are in the UK? Or is it the influence of people like Dawkins?

I don't think it is Dawkins.? He may aid by his "contributions", but he is certainly
not that powerful.?

The situation in Europe is probably complicated in part because of WWII and
the regretable history of religion in Europe in general.? But I think there, you can
only look?into your own hearts.? I?can only?speculate based on some friends I
have from there.
On the US side of the pond, I perceive?a few?things I felt both before and after
becoming a Christian.

(1) It is more like the kind of thing to do.? People follow the crowd. It is
popular to throw stones at Christians. Before I became a Christian, I also found
it "fun" to throw stones.

(2) I know you dislike Michael's sharp and biting wit, but I think he is right that the
bad science like creation science in particular? make Christianity look like something
utterly inane and foolish. An embarrassment. I always felt?an unspoken
thinking from people when they first found out that I?am Christian that I must also
believe the earth is 6000 years old.? They would never inquire, they would never
ask, they just wrote me off instantly.? Again, if you see Christians as only a bunch
of nuts who believe the earth is 6000 years old, and they expect you to believe that
too, it makes it pretty easy to start throwing stones.

(3) The whole matter has moved from a private opinion that certain Christians hold
because of some theological view point to?a matter?that is pressed on the rest of
the public. I'm not saying I have any agreement there on the theology either, but
people have a right to hold their opinions right or wrong as they may be.? The thing
that is a problem is when?they form a group who insists that this is what is going to
be taught in school.? Again, it is pretty easy to provoke a stone throwing party when
you things like that start happening.

However, it is probably also true that?stone throwing is to be expected.? As Paul said
long ago "...but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness
to Gentiles..." (1Co 1:23).? The word of God will be foolishness to those who are
perishing and there is nothing you can do but pray for the souls of those you come
to know.? The thing is, if we preach about a 6000 year old earth, they throw stones
because it is foolishness.? If we preach about Christ crucified, we suffer the shame
and scorn from the world for preaching the truth and share in the suffering of Christ.
We should stick to the message of the gospel and stop preaching this nonsense on
the age of the earth.

By Grace we proceed,
Wayne (ASA member)

So I would say that it is just another of those ?

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