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> Parker was the first YEC lecturer I heard back in 1982 when I was appalled
> at his science and his distortions.
> I have also got the book he co-authored with H Morris What is Creation
> Science? Full of the usual stuff i.e. mostly worthless "science"
> I am surprised he was a good science teacher - unless something happened
> Michael
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>> 722-1198
>> Dordt College, Sioux Center IA 51250-1697
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>>> About Gary Parker. When he was on the AIG staff he gave a two-day
>>> "creation
>>> seminar" in Berea, KY, about ten years ago. I heard him speak at Berea
>>> College during an afternoon and evening presentation. What a colleague
>>> of
>>> mine learned about Parker is that he does not have a Ph.D. in biology
>>> but an
>>> Ed.D. in biology education. My colleague asked Parker about it in a Q &
>>> A,
>>> and he spent ten minutes justifying his biology background before
>>> admitting
>>> that he was an Ed.D. I think it is a stretch to call him a "scientist."
>> I know Gary from why back when he was teaching at a decent college, Dordt
>> College. Yes he was not and has not become a research scientist, but he
>> did an effective job of teaching biology. Dordt then had a large
>> teaching mission and he did well. A EdD was and probably still is a good
>> degree for teaching undergrads and I think he got it from Bowling green.
>> He is also a good amateur fossil collector. Some of the fossils I still
>> use at dordt were donated by Gary.
>> He was and perhaps still is a good science teacher.
>> He has as far as I know done little if any publishing since then.
>> In
>>> his book _Creation Facts of Life_, his presentation on genetics is
>>> ludicrous, but sounds very authoritative (the YEC rhetorical approach).
>>> Your
>>> description of his presentation, Steve, fit the Parker I heard to a tee.
>>> He's quite slick. In one Q & A a physics major challenged Gentry's work
>>> on
>>> polonium halos, citing a few scientific papers. Parker dismissed the
>>> critique with polite disdain. Parker is basically a preacher, as you
>>> said,
>>> and he's good at it. Those of us academics in the audience knew it was
>>> useless to challenge him and just made notes of things he said in order
>>> to
>>> comment on them to any students who might ask. Interestingly only about
>>> fifty students showed up for his afternoon presentations, and most of
>>> them
>>> were "bobbing heads" as another students called them (i.e, the campus
>>> student YECs, constantly nodding in agreement). The evening session
>>> consisted of an audience of mostly people from local conservative
>>> churches
>>> that jointly sponsored the seminar. He preached to them, starting with
>>> Genesis.
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