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From: Jack Haas <>
Date: Thu Oct 18 2007 - 20:54:08 EDT


I would affirm the endorsements of David and Ted. Get a copy for
yourself and another for your church library!
/Origins/ has been listed on the Recommended Books section of the ASA
web page at a discounted price.
and Deborah Haarsma >

Jack Haas

David Opderbeck wrote:
> I want to second Ted's endorsement -- I picked up these materials a
> few months ago as my kids were beginning to cover some of these issues
> in their public school science courses.
> Loren and Deb's new book on "Origins" also is excellent, BTW.
> On 10/18/07, *Ted Davis* <
> <>> wrote:
> Loren and Deb Haarsma, two Calvin faculty (physics & astronomy,
> respectively) have extensive experience speaking and teaching
> about science
> and Christian faith to a variety of audiences and in a variety of
> venues.
> Their hard work is now partly available on the web, but also now
> in a new
> book from Faith Alive Christian Resources (Grand Rapids, 2007). The
> attractive cover proclaims the title, "Origins: A Reformed Look at
> Creation,
> Design, & Evolution." Here is further information:
> We have several times on the ASA list talked about the lack of helpful
> materials that would be good for Christian schools and home schooling
> families, on issues of science & faith. We now have, IMO, the
> best answer
> for that problem--though I also continue to recommend the various
> publications of Michael Poole, which are almost impossible easily
> to obtain
> on this side of the pond.
> In a word, this book is splendid. Get yourself a copy, get a few
> more to
> give to families who want something more thoughtful than the usual YEC
> stuff, and pat yourself on the back every time you give one
> away. It's that
> good.
> With much appreciation to Deb & Loren, for all of the hard work
> and for the
> courage to be faithful to both science and Christian beliefs,
> Ted
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