Re: [asa] FYI: Gore├‚┬┤s 9 errors

From: Rich Blinne <>
Date: Tue Oct 16 2007 - 13:20:13 EDT

On 10/15/07, PvM <> wrote:
> Furthermore I believe some congratulations are due to the UN Nobel
> Prize Committee (sic) for awarded the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize to
> a cause that concerns us all.

What I find ironic is that the justification of trashing the V.P. is the use
of a recent British legal case. Even if you take the media's reporting of
the judge's analysis at face value, the basis for the ruling is the alleged
deviation between him and the IPCC. Since the IPCC is a joint recipient of
the Peace Prize then the basis for the award is because of what they have in
common and not how they differ. So, my question is why the WSJ editorial
board or IBD are not congratulating the IPCC? Note that the constituency
that both of these papers would appeal to would not want to readily accept
anthropogenic climate change. Even this is changing, however, as business is
beginning to see the light. Krugman's quote of FDR is on point here. "We
have always known that heedless self-interest was bad morals," said F.D.R.
"We know now that it is bad economics."

I'll close with the following thought: If aIT can be critiqued for being
political because of its deviation from the IPCC could not the WSJ be
critiqued for the same, particularly given their deviation is far more

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