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Date: Mon Oct 15 2007 - 23:16:55 EDT

Dick Fischer wrote:
> I wonder how many offered a greater than 50% share to the second
> party. Years ago I bought a computer that turned out to be stolen.
> When I discovered it I called the police and made a report. The cops
> set up a sting operation and caught the guy with a trunk full of
> stolen computers. When it was all over one of the detectives remarked
> that over the years they had received many complaints of stolen
> computers, but mine was the first complaint they had received from
> somebody who bought one. I'd be curious to know what percentage
> offered less than half to the other guy.
> Dick Fischer
> Dick Fischer, Genesis Proclaimed Association
> Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History
> <>
If I remember correctly the article I read on this, only a small
fraction offered the other guy anything near 50% or higher. I don't
remember if they gave numbers or just implied this in the discussion and
I can't find the article right now. But if that was correct, it would
make sense: the "power broker" in such a situation would probably deem
himself generous to give away even 40% since, from his perspective he
shouldn't even have to give that much. And it is easy for him to
rationalize his greater portion as "earned" by him since he has born the
"burden" of decision, and after all, he's giving so much more than the
next guy.

There was a study in Chicago once where wallets with clearly
identifiable owners and a set sum of cash were deliberately planted
around the city to see how many would come back with cash intact. Does
anybody remember the results of that study? I think the recovery rate
was surprisingly high considering the situation. But whether they used
this to tout the inherent goodness of humanity could have been spun
either way, because that chosen backdrop of expectation could be
tailored so as to manufacture "surprise" in either direction. (you mean
*only* 60% came back??!!! gasp! ...or.... you mean you actually got
back 50%?!!! Wow!)


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