Re: [asa] Moderate Theology

From: George L. <>
Date: Sat Oct 13 2007 - 10:18:27 EDT

I agree with the comments on Dick's post but there's a deeper issue.  Dick focuses on a very small set of theological questions & it's hardly accurate to label one's theology as a whole in terms of what one thinks about early Genesis.



> > > Dick, >   > I agree with Michael Roberts' > comment that your "Conservative Theology" sounds more like "Fundamentalist > YEC Theology." Maybe you need a fourth category labeled "Evangelical Theology," > though admittedly it might be difficult to pin down that rather broad > category.  There are descriptions of "Evangelical Theology" on the > internet. >   > Following up on Iain Strachan's comment on whether > the KJV is the preferred translation under "Moderate Theology," I belong to a > Baptist church that I would describe as conservative (e.g., > probably 50-60% YEC), but uses the NIV in the worship services, and one of the > four pastors has mentioned in a class that his favorite translation is the NASB > (he's obviously not the senior pastor). > >   > I'm curious as to how many "Moderate Theology" > churches, denominations, and/or theologians you know of? >   > Paul Bruggink  (ASA Member) > Clarington, PA >   >

George L. Murphy
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