Re: [asa] Moderate Theology

From: Mountainwoman <>
Date: Sat Oct 13 2007 - 09:36:43 EDT


I agree with Michael Roberts' comment that your "Conservative Theology" sounds more like "Fundamentalist YEC Theology." Maybe you need a fourth category labeled "Evangelical Theology," though admittedly it might be difficult to pin down that rather broad category. There are descriptions of "Evangelical Theology" on the internet.

Following up on Iain Strachan's comment on whether the KJV is the preferred translation under "Moderate Theology," I belong to a Baptist church that I would describe as conservative (e.g., probably 50-60% YEC), but uses the NIV in the worship services, and one of the four pastors has mentioned in a class that his favorite translation is the NASB (he's obviously not the senior pastor).

I'm curious as to how many "Moderate Theology" churches, denominations, and/or theologians you know of?

Paul Bruggink (ASA Member)
Clarington, PA

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