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Hi Merv:

This is another reason why I believe the Pentateuch was written by Moses
for the Semites and about the Semites. The flood was judgment on the
sinful Adamite populations who were accountable, becoming increasingly
influenced by the Sumerians living in close proximity, and adopting
Akkadian versions of Sumerian gods. The rainbow covenant was given to
those intended - the Semitic survivors of the flood. It was a covenant
with Noah's kin.

Even the Sumerians survived the flood as evidenced by the record of the
pre-flood kings (SKL) followed by the post flood culture that lasted
less than 1,000 years after the flood.

Dick Fischer
Dick Fischer, Genesis Proclaimed Association
Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History

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I just enjoyed watching the movie "Evan Almighty" last night with the
youth group. For anyone willing to understand the entertainment genre
for what it is (i.e. stop expecting only serious theology and serious
science), it makes for an enjoyable time complete with theatrics aimed
at Junior highers.

It did provoke at least one serious reflection for me though: If the
flood was a localized event (as most here seem solidly convinced of),
then what is the meaning of God's promise that such an event will never
happen again? Doesn't such a promise become nonsensical as applied to
floods in general? I'd love to see responses to this if any of you have



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