Re: [asa] Denver RATE Conference (Thousands...Not Billions)_Part 6 & The End

From: Don Nield <>
Date: Thu Oct 11 2007 - 01:02:03 EDT

As a PS to my last message, I mention that I have just had another look
at my (autographed!) copy of DeYoung's book. It does have three pages on
"Challenges for the Future". Amongst the areas listed as awaiting
further work are:
"1 .... An acceleration of the process will multiply the heat greatly...
This heat ... must be removed, or it could melt or even vaporize the
earth's crust... Many details remain to be filled in for [cosmological
or volume cooling] and other proposed processes of heat removal."
"2... Why did [the acceleration of nuclear decay] occur and what was the
mechanism? Exactly when did the decay rates increase? Each of these
questions has both scientific and theological components. There is also
a serious concern for the protection of plant, animal, and human life
from increased nuclear radiation during the Genesis flood event. Further
insight is needed on these issues."
Thus the discrepancy that Randy mentions is not so much between the
technical volume and the popular summary, but between the pair of books
and the public spin that the ICR and AiG people have put on the
implications of the RATE work.

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