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Tanggal Thu, 11 Oct 2007 02:15:45 +0100 Penulis "Michael Roberts"
<> menulis email dengan judul [asa] Re:
[asa] FYI: Gore´s 9 errors seperti tertera di bawah ini:

>This ruling posted by some mysterious IW in fact gives no substance
>against global warming.
>It is a pity that we know nothing about IW who seems to keep himself
>very private

My dear Michael,

As the subject indicated, the posting was merely FYI (for your
interest). I posited no position whatsover. If you must know,
I thought the whole affair a bit silly which is why I posted it.

As for keeping myself private....well, I rarely participate here
mainly because I have little that is worth saying. Most of the time I
am out of my depth. I have a deep and abiding fascination in science and
as a hobby an a amateur herpotologist but as a career am in Social and
Community Development. I am a Christian who even as a child was
skeptical of a YE, who cannot see how evolution is not a reality, and
loves the reparté here.

As to my name - thats just habit. I work in a politically sensitive
area doing politcally sensitive work so I rarely use my name publicly
on the internet. However, to disabuse you of any notions of conspiracy
or secret agenda my name is <roll of drums> Iain Wilson.


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