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From: PvM <>
Date: Wed Oct 10 2007 - 11:58:35 EDT

Why should I have to mention that Wesley is also a Christian when
discussing issues of science.
So now that we have resolved this embarassing episode, it's time to
look at the problems Elsberry reports on.

Given that the calculations were many orders of magnitude wrong and in
fact changed the whole argument and conclusion, and given that the
flawed conclusions are touted by ID proponents as evidence against
evolutionary science, should the authors not publish an

On 10/10/07, James Mahaffy <> wrote:
> >>> PvM <> 10/10/07 12:32 AM >>>
> Just in case my statements may have suggested that Wesley is an
> atheist, he is a Christian just like you and me.
> So James, how does that affect your 'statement'?
> Cheers.
> I have had some private correspondence with Wes and what Ian said is true. When I get permission from Wes I will say a bit more. Yes I assumed knowing his militant anti YEC and ID that Wes might be in the same category as the militant anti Christian Dawkins and Myers (he is not). And Pim, why not say originally that Wesley, who by the way is also a Christian. I just don't hear you acknowledge much the strong antiChristian attacks of Dawkins and Myers when you cite them, so how was I to know that Wes was not in the same category.
> And yes I still feel the Christian bond between myself and YEC and some ID folks (not all are Christian) and am not driven to always attack them. But enough of that. I have to get a recommendation in and think of a Cell Biology lecture.
> Peace brother Pim.

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