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From: George Murphy <gmurphy@raex.com>
Date: Wed Oct 10 2007 - 11:07:48 EDT

A general comment & not on Wes Elsberry (whom I've only met briefly).
"Militant" seems like an appropriate word for Dawkins, Stenger &c when they
are in their anti-religion modes - if I recall correctly the old Soviet
government supported a "League of Militant Atheists." But the word is also
appropriate for Christians (pace those who want to ban "Onward Christian
Soldiers"), as in the traditional phrase "the church militant." & it makes
at least as much sense for Christians as atheists to be militantly against
ID & YEC. While atheists have legitimate concerns about the threat that
those movements pose to good science & science education, they also serve
the atheists' purpose of making religion, & Christianity in particular, look
stupid and dangerous. & it's for precisely the latter reasons that
Christians ought to oppose them (ID & YEC) strongly. OTOH the positive side
of those programs is, from a Christian standpoint, negligible.


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>>> PvM <pvm.pandas@gmail.com> 10/10/07 12:32 AM >>>
Just in case my statements may have suggested that Wesley is an
atheist, he is a Christian just like you and me.
So James, how does that affect your 'statement'?


I have had some private correspondence with Wes and what Ian said is true.
When I get permission from Wes I will say a bit more. Yes I assumed
knowing his militant anti YEC and ID that Wes might be in the same category
as the militant anti Christian Dawkins and Myers (he is not). And Pim, why
not say originally that Wesley, who by the way is also a Christian. I just
don't hear you acknowledge much the strong antiChristian attacks of Dawkins
and Myers when you cite them, so how was I to know that Wes was not in the
same category.

And yes I still feel the Christian bond between myself and YEC and some ID
folks (not all are Christian) and am not driven to always attack them. But
enough of that. I have to get a recommendation in and think of a Cell
Biology lecture.

Peace brother Pim.

bcc to Wes

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