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Denver RATE Conference (Thousands...Not Billions)_Part 5

Continued from
Part 1 (http://www.calvin.edu/archive/asa/200709/0498.html),
Part 2 (http://www.calvin.edu/archive/asa/200709/0569.html),
Part 3 (http://www.calvin.edu/archive/asa/200710/0010.html), and
Part 4 (http://www.calvin.edu/archive/asa/200710/0054.html)

"Thousands ... not Billions"
Radioisotopes and the Age of The Earth (RATE) Conference
Colorado Community Church, Denver, Colorado
September 15, 2007 (8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.)

[Editorial note: The following summary was compiled from my personal
handwritten notes. I do not have a recording or transcript of the
conference. Statements in "quotes" represent, to the best of my ability,
the gist of what was said, if not actual sentences and phrases. I have
tried not to interject my own ideas, opinions, or evaluations of the
conference. Some personal descriptions of people and events are included
to give a flavor of the atmosphere and audience responses. In a few
cases, I have felt the need to clarify ideas or statements by enclosing
comments in [brackets]. Without doubt, some bias in these notes is
inevitable since they represent only the points that I thought were
pertinent enough to record.]

**Lawrence Ford**

When Dr. Donald DeYoung finished his presentation at 1:40 p.m., we were
not given a break. Lawrence Ford took the podium to push another ICR book
- "John Morris has updated his book _The Young Earth_". He then invited
us all to stand and stretch for a moment. Then Ford gave us his one
sentence assessment of the RATE work, "Science gives us evidence to
support His Word." And then we were re-introduced to Dr. Gary Parker. [I
included most of this introduction in Part 1
(http://www.calvin.edu/archive/asa/200709/0498.html) so I will not repeat
it here.]

The following "Summary Points" and "Technical Definitions" were given in
our conference schedule/brochure for Dr. Gary Parker's talk.

_Summary Points_
* A large amount of radioactive decay has occurred.
* Nuclear processes were accelerated during certain periods of earth's
* Conventional radioisotope dates differ radically.
* Creation and the Flood are genuine historic events.
* The Bible is scientifically reliable.
* Discoveries of helium and carbon-14 are strong evidence for a young

_Technical Definitions_
* ISOTOPE: the variation in an element due to different numbers of
neutrons in the nucleus
* RADIOISOTOPE: an isotope which is radioactive
* ISOCHRON: graphical plot of radioisotopes used to estimate age
* DISCORDANCE: variation in the estimated age of a rock using different
dating methods

**Dr. Gary Parker - The Authority of God's Word.**

Dr. Parker spent a minute at the beginning to advertise the upcoming
"Family Camp" at his Creation Adventures Museum in Arcadia, Florida and
then said, "The key to this whole issue is the Authority of God's Word."

Parker continued ... Do you know what the "most embarrassing verse in the
Bible is for twenty-first century Christians?" Exodus 20:11 - For in six
days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is, and
rested on the seventh day: wherefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day, and
hallowed it. That's part of the Ten Commandments. "God wrote this verse
with his own finger, inscribed it on stone, and handed it to Moses." It is
God's Word.

  "Persecution in the twenty-first century is primarily 'laughter and
ridicule' - not like in the first century when it meant being 'boiled,
burned, crucified, or thrown to lions.' We are told in II Peter 3:3 that
'there shall come in the last days scoffers.' [Parker went on to quote or
comment on most of II Peter 3:3-9.] Evolutionists don't come with
reasoned arguments; they come with laughter ... and lawyers. Court suits
- that's how scientists settle issues today."

Next Parker tackled the issue of "day". I will not repeat all of his
arguments here; most were so familiar that I didn't bother to write them
down. He did point out that the RATE research by Hebrew scholar Dr.
Steven Boyd had proven (by studying Hebrew verb forms) that Genesis
chapter 1 is "Historical Narrative" and not Poetry; to a statistical
accuracy of 99.9973%! Therefore a "day" equals a "day".

His next topic was Theistic Evolution (TE) and Theistic Evolutionists
(TE's). According to Parker, "TE's believe that the Bible tells us "Who";
that evolution tells us "How"; and that Scripture is "Irrelevant" (at
least to science). Parker acknowledges that TE's are Christians but have
an immature faith. After all, he was one once. There are only two
problems with TE: (1) it contradicts scripture; and (2) it contradicts
science. TE's have a "romantic view of evolution", equating it with an
"upward and onward progress." "This is false. According to Darwin,
evolution is 'war of Nature, famine & death'." Parker said that he has a
chant that he used to teach his college biology students before he was
converted: "Time, Chance, Struggle & Death. Time, Chance, Struggle &

  "God is NOT the author of Death; SIN is the author of Death! The issue
is TE versus the whole Gospel, not just Creation days. TE's are in denial
of the whole Christian message."

  "So what is the cure for TE? Do a better job of teaching Evolution! The
more you know about Evolution, the less likely you are to believe it. In
Evolution, Death wins."

  "Some people say that science and scripture are two different kinds of
knowledge: science is facts, scripture is faith. NO! The Bible is rooted
in reality. It is not a book of religious opinion but a record of the
Acts of God in History."

  "Science is the Christian's friend and ally in battling evolution.
Science tells us ... (1) DNA - a created code; (2) Genetics - variation &
decay; (3) Fossils - creation, variation & decay, and disaster."

  "Mutation is not the substance of Evolution but the evidence of disease
& dying. There is a new program at ICR called GENE that will research

Having dispatched TE, Parker now turns to Progressive Creation (PC &
PC's). "PC's are Christians who really want to believe in supernatural
acts but they spread it out over long periods of time. PC's do not want
to compromise with Evolution but believe in millions & billions of years.
PC in any form makes God the Author of millions of years of struggle and
death. There are only two problems with PC: (1) it contradicts scripture;
and (2) it contradicts science."

  "Davis Young is a well known leader of PC. Another well known PC is
Hugh Ross. Eugenie Scott of the National Center for Science and Education
(NCSE) once said that, 'Hugh Ross might be one ministry that we could
endorse.' Eugenie Scott and the NCSE are dedicated to the absolute
destruction of any mention of God in Education. The RATE team would
never, ever, ever want to show how God is superfluous!"

Parker's next topic: Time & Evolution.

  "Science doesn't need lots of time, Evolutionists do. Time is the
Evolutionists' substitute for God."

  "Darwin would have never thought of publishing his book if Lyell hadn't
given him lots and lots of time."

  "Evolutionists believe that given enough time and small changes you can
go from a Frog to a Prince. But small changes don't always add up to big

Parker used two analogies to illustrate this last point. (1) A bicycle is
useful for going small distances. But no matter how much time and small
distances you travel, you cannot ride a bicycle to the moon. (2) An
archer can shoot lots of arrows and improve their skill with time. But no
matter how much time and improvement you acquire, you cannot hit the sun
with an arrow.

  "Time is the rug under which Evolutionists sweep their scientific
problems. Evolutionists appeal to a 'lottery mentality' - if you try long
enough you will eventually win. Evolution is the belief in miracles
without belief in the Miracle Worker."

Parker then reviewed some of the evidence that the Earth is young.

* Rock layers - "We know that layers of rocks need only take seconds to
form." He told us a humorous story of how his wife demonstrates this to
school children by taking a large clear plastic tube filled with water,
sand, gravel, & mud. She takes this tube, shakes it so that everything is
mixed and then sets it up so that the children can see the different
layers of gravel, sand, and mud form in just seconds.

* Polystrate trees - fossil trees that span over several layers of rock.

* Mt. St. Helens - a catastrophic event that ripped up lots of trees and
then showed how polystrate trees could form in a flood.

* Grand Canyon - "There is a 150 million year break between the Cambrian &
Mississippian rocks. Geologists call this a 'paraconformity'. However,
there is no evidence for a break between the rocks and no literature on

* RATE - "Radiometric evidence supports a Young Earth, NOT OLD! The
concept of Accelerated Nuclear Decay is based on evidence. There is a lot
of decay but overlapping clocks tell us it all happened in a short time!"

  "We have a choice. We can believe in the ever-changing words of men or
the never-changing Word of God. This is why the time issue is so
important. Like children, we need to trust the Truth & Clarity of God's

Finally, at 3:00 p.m., Gary Parker and the RATE presentations were
finished. At least three-quarters of the audience gave them a standing
ovation. As I looked around, I saw that the audience had thinned out
quite a bit. At this point, even more people began to leave; after all,
the only thing left was the Question & Answer session with RATE scientists
(to be followed by a time for book-signing).

Soon to come:

Q & A with RATE Scientists

(Disclaimer: Opinions expressed herein are my own and are not to be
attributed to my employer ... or anyone else.)
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