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Earle seems to assume that Genesis 27 takes place immediately after Esau's marriages. Does he get that from the text??
It also appears to me that Leah didn't bear children until after Jacob married Rachel, at least if we take the account to be chronological. Then Leah bore six sons and one daughter. That is a lot for six years. Furthermore Zilpah bore two sons after Leah had realized that she had stopped bearing. I am not sure how to fit all of this in unless we assume that the account is not chronological, and Leah began to bear children earlier.?

Hi Gordon,
this is a corrected version of the e-mail I accidentally sent to you a moment ago.

I scanned the book again to try to answer this.? Regarding the first point (whether Gen.27 takes place immediately after Gen.26), Earle does not give a good argument.? He just states that Esau and Jacob are the same age at their marriages.? This is why I had said the missing years would have to be put in here if Jacob is literally 130 (base 10) when he meets Pharaoh.

Regarding the second point, Genesis 30:25 says that Joseph was born before Jacob left Laban, and verse 26 indicates that this ends the period of Jacob "paying" for his wives (14 years) and begins the period of Jacob earning Laban's flocks (6 years).??Genesis 31:41 clearly states that the total time serving Laban was 14+6 years.? So regardless of how fast Leah bore children, we know the upper limit on when Joseph was born was 20 years, and according to Genesis 30: 26, most likely 14 years.? Leah's births could have taken place within the 14 years, not just the first 7 years.

So all the missing years in base 10 would need to go between Genesis 26 and 27, as you point out.? So we'd have to put 130-93=37 years between Genesis 26 and 27.? That's not impossible, of course, but I think it does seem a bit stretched.? Why would Jacob wait an additional 37 years after his twin Esaus' marriage, waiting until he was 77 years old, before getting married himself???If it is read in base 7, then Esau was married at age 28 (and judging by Esau's character, this is more likely than that he waited to age 40)?and Jacob would have been married about the same time -- say within a year -- to make the statement to Pharoah be correct.? Maybe a year would be enough to make Rachel tired of Esau's wives?? Anyhow, I agree that it is not impossible that there was a 37 year delay between Genesis 26 and 27.? Biblegateway.com assumes a?17 year delay according to their footnote.? I don't know where they put the other 20 years.?


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