Re: [asa] Denver RATE Conference (Thousands...Not Billions)_Part 4

From: David Campbell <>
Date: Mon Oct 08 2007 - 12:09:27 EDT

> Never mind the fact that the accelerated nuclear decay would have created a
> tremendous amount of temperature increase, that should have destroyed the
> evidence of polonium halos.

Also, the identification of Po halos as Po depends on an unchanged
pattern of radiometric decay between the time of halo formation and
now. Halo size is a function of the decay energy. There are a number
of other issues related to halos as well (e.g., unexplained halo
patterns; how you ensure that you actually cut through the center of a
sphere (not squished) to accurately measure the halo size).

It is an improvement that they are rejecting Gentry's denial of
hydrothermal alteration. Gentry's version in which all granite is
from the creation of the earth also clashes with a lot of flood
geology if one takes cross-cutting, etc. seriously-it would entail
something a lot closer to Gosse with general appearance of age than is
popular in current YEC circles.

All of their stuff on radiometric decay also depends on the ability to
distinguish between valid data and contamination, undermining the
claim that conventional radiometric dating is dishonest when it
identified contamination.

The temperature problems are manifestations of the 2nd law of
thermodynamics, so often falsely invoked against evolution but in
reality a serious problem for young earth and flood geology models
(supplying and removing lots of water uses energy).

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