RE: [asa] Denver RATE Conference (Thousands...Not Billions)_Part 4

From: Jon Tandy <>
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"Polonium halos can only form when the rock temperature is below 150 degrees
C (300 degrees F). If the temperature rises back above 150 degrees C, the
polonium halos will anneal or disappear. Therefore there is only a "narrow
window of time for polonium to move" once the granites cool below the
annealing temperature. Polonium radiohalos are "significant evidence for
accelerated nuclear decay." Since heat will destroy halos & fission tracks,
it is "difficult to imagine fission tracks and halos surviving for millions
of years." This is "evidence for short time frames."
Never mind the fact that the accelerated nuclear decay would have created a
tremendous amount of temperature increase, that should have destroyed the
evidence of polonium halos.
Jon Tandy

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