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Per your request for email delivery of CSA News, we are pleased to inform you that CSA News Vol 24, No, 5, for Nov-Dec, 2007 is now available.
Click here: http://www.csama.org/csanews/nws200711.pdf ,
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Links to the other recent Newsletters appear below.
See below for the Creation Safari Detail Booklet for 2007

Feature Article:
Old Earth, Evolution, Liberalism, Nazism
Communism, and the Great Harlot
The Spiritual & Logical Connections - Part II by Tom Willis

Meeting Topics:
Tuesday, Nov 6, 2007, 7:00PM: The Origin of Life - Part II
        By: Tom Willis

Tuesday, Dec 4, 2007, 7:00PM: Life’s Story - II
            By: Exploration Films

Recent Newsletters you may have missed:
Sept/Oct, 2007, Vol 24 #5 - http://www.csama.org/csanews/nws200709.pdf
July/Aug, 2007, Vol 24 #4 - http://www.csama.org/csanews/nws200707.pdf
May/June, 2007, Vol 24 #3 - http://www.csama.org/csanews/nws200705.pdf
Mar/Apr, 2007, Vol 24 #2 - http://www.csama.org/csanews/nws200703.pdf
Jan/Feb, 2007, Vol 24 #1 - http://www.csama.org/csanews/nws200701.pdf

View over 10 years of back issues of CSA News ===> http://www.csama.org/CSA-NLTR.HTM
Creation Safaris, Fun, Educational, Recreational, God-Honoring

CSA Creation Safari Detail Booklet for 2007 is still available
Click ==> http://www.csama.org/safaris/safsum.htm ,
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Or, call, email or write CSA for a Creation Safari Detail Booklet. See the bottom of this epistle for ways to contact CSA

Creation Safari thoughts: If you are unfamiliar with CSA Creation Safaris, use the links above. Look at the Safari summaries, click on each safari to view highlights of prior safaris to the same or similar locations. Then get the Family Creation Safari Detail Booklet for the current year, which is available from the Safari Summary page, or from the "Safari Detail Booklet" link above.

Exciting Events in Kansas City area. Get full details at:

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We trust you will find CSA News, articles, meetings, Safaris and other offerings helpful.

May the peace that passes understanding, and comes only from Jesus, be yours today and forever,

Tom Willis, President
Maria Reddaway, Webmaster
Creation Science Association for Mid-America,
22509 State Line Road
Cleveland, MO 64734
web: www.csama.org - email: csahq@juno.com - phone: (816) 618-3610

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