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From: Loren Haarsma <lhaarsma@calvin.edu>
Date: Wed Oct 03 2007 - 12:58:05 EDT

For the Grand Rapids, MI, area:

The next Christian Perspectives in Science seminar at Calvin College is
        Friday, October 12, 3:30 PM in Science Building room 010.

It will be followed by a book reception at 4:15 PM in the
   DeVries Hall Atrium, basement floor.

Speakers: Deborah Haarsma and Loren Haarsma,
            Physics and Astronomy Department, Calvin College.

Title: Origins: A Reformed Look at Creation, Design, and Evolution

   Faith Alive Resources, the publishing ministry of the Christian Reformed
Church, asked us to write a book "for the person in the pew" on issues of
origins. In this short seminar, we'll give an overview of the contents of the
book and our writing approach, as well as answer audience questions. The book
begins with chapters on God's governance of natural processes, doing science as
part of a Christian worldview, and interpretation of scripture. Other chapters
review the scientific, theological, and worldview issues around the age of the
Earth, the Big Bang, biological evolution, and intelligent design. The book
ends with two chapters on several scientific and theological issues around
human origins.
Seminar: http://www.calvin.edu/~lhaarsma/ChrPerspSciSeminarPage.html
Press release for book:

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