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Do you ever acknowledge that Dawkins is no friend of Christianity?

This is a list of Christians who are scientists and Dawkins is no friend.

Is PZ Meyer a Christian?

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>>> PvM <> 10/03/07 12:09 AM >>>
Funny how people seem to accuse Dawkins and then commit similar
rhetorical statements.

Is there no limit to irony?

On 10/2/07, David Campbell <> wrote:
> > Is that a bad thing? Does it require mastering these 'techniques'
> > before one can critique them? I am not convinced.
> Dawkins seems to confuse two issues behind his attitude on this
> question (as exemplified in The God Delusion). On the one hand, it is
> legitimate for anyone to make a critique, and outsiders may be good at
> raising issues overlooked or ignored by the experts or advocates.
> However, an effective critique requires an accurate determination of
> exactly what is being claimed by the one getting criticized. For
> example, two of the items on his mocking list of Christian beliefs
> about Jesus are distinctive of Roman Catholicism and often strongly
> rejected by Protestants. (Not that RC's are not Christian but that
> Dawkins doesn't seem to have seriously investigated "mere
> Christianity".) To take up Dawkins' metaphor, it is not necessary to
> defer to a hypothetical fairyologist on the question of whether little
> people with wings are being seen in the garden. However, it is
> necessary to find out whether the fairyologist actually believes in
> something like Tinkerbell roaming his yard, or whether he is making
> quite different claims. It's also invalid to conclude that all
> fairyologists are violent brainwashed numbskulls just because some
> are, just as reading The God Delusion would give an unduly low opinion
> of the average atheist's logical reasoning.
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