[asa] New Evidence for Two Human Origins

From: Mountainwoman <hrc54@alltel.net>
Date: Tue Oct 02 2007 - 21:18:14 EDT

Gary T. Mayer's new book "New Evidence for Two Human Origins: Discoveries That Reconcile the Bible and Science" offers a relatively novel (as least to me) approach to resolving science and the Bible. He accepts descent of a pre-Adamic race of humans that existed in the Middle East contemporarily with God's special creation of Adam and Eve (the Adamic race).

He bases his case primarily on the decline in life spans recorded in Genesis, using a 929-year average potential life span for the Adamic race and a 60-year average life span for the pre-Adamic race. He then develops various plausible scenarios of potential life spans resulting from mixed marriages within the genealogies recorded in Genesis, assuming that potential life spans of the offspring equal the average of those of the parents. He demonstrates that these scenarios, arrived at from his dual origin thesis, fit the gradually reduced lifespans given in the Genesis genealogies quite well.

His case for the validity of this approach is based on Matt Ridley's "Genome: the Autobiography of a Species in 23 Chapters," (HarperCollins, 1999), p. 204: "Aging is turning out to be one of the things that is under the control of many genes. One expert estimates that there are 7,000 age-influencing genes in the human genome, or ten percent of the total."

My question to the ASA Discussion Group is whether this is a plausible solution to the problem of resolving what we know from science with what is written in the book of Genesis.

Paul Bruggink (ASA Member)
Clarington, PA

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