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There's an important difference between Einstein & Dawkins though: The former was civil & respectful of the beliefs of others, at least in public, while Dawkins isn't. Max Jammer's Einstein and Religion (Princeton, 1999) is a valuable resource here.


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> Yes, Pim, Einstein believed in the God of Spinoza, as he often said. But
> there's more to it than just this.
> It might be "intellectual high treason" deliberately to confuse the
> Christian God with the pantheistic "Deus sive Natura" of Spinoza and
> Einstein, but Einstein's faith is still equivalent to August Compte's
> "religion of science," which has been popular with scientists in the US and
> Britain since the late 19th century. Dawkins has no hesitation to call his
> doctrine of naturalism and hatred for traditional religion "the religion of
> science," and that's exactly what it is. This is a religion, Pim, whether
> or not you want to call it that, and it's a religion arising out of a
> certain metaphysical view of science, shared by Dawkins, Sagan, Einstein,
> and many others. In this Comptean view, science replaces traditional
> religion as the ultimate arbiter of Truth, and we look to science to give us
> a sense of wonder and awe about the creation--er, nature. We celebrate the
> great scientists, not the great saints.
> Ted
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