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  I do not recall seeing the word "beauty" in Genesis but the word "good." How are we to understand that?



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  Over the years one of the great supports to my faith is the sheer beauty of the universe and considering that with its awe and wonder means so much more than thinking of some mechanical design.

  Just take today. As we have a dog - a Border Collie called Holly who is 3 next week - I have to walk several times a day. This morning I arrived at church early so I could have a quick walk before celebrating communion up the Lune estuary. The early sun on a nearly full tide was exquisite as were the swans which flew overhead (the noisiest birds in flight!) Then a walk at sunset with gorgeous light and seeing cows silhouettes against a red sky and last thing with a 3/4 moon the great bear and an autumn chill on my face and then finally the dog going nuts in the garden

  There is more biblical support for this than design (actually nothing in the 66 books on design) with all the nature psalms, bits of Isaiah and Jesus on the lilies of the field.

  Surely we would do better to think of this and the sheer beauty of creation than anything else


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