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From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Mon Oct 01 2007 - 10:17:19 EDT

At 05:00 PM 9/30/2007, Gregory Arago wrote:

>"...But then again, the question would still
>apply if human beings are ‘simply the product of
>evolution’ or ‘simply the product of natural
>selection,’ which is both highly presumptuous
>and reductionistic, and in my view a grave mistake.
>A noteworthy player in this realm who often goes
>unnoticed is Robert Trivers, who wrote a book
>called “Social Evolution.” How deceptive it is
>indeed to use ‘social’ as Trivers does! However,
>I think you [David C.] are wrong to include
>‘Marxism’ with the others. Marx was an
>economist, trained also in law – his
>sociological ideas are still highly relevant,
>for example, concepts such as ‘alienation,’
>‘exploitation’ and ‘emancipation’ and his
>general 'critique of capitalism' (which I have
>heard again twice in the past 2 weeks by a
>renowned western Marxist and an economist, is
>the best still in existence, despite the fact
>that in the USA, capitalism is rarely critiqued
>[tongue in cheek]). Marx gave some
>thought-worthy insights into patterns of human behaviour also.
>Trivers does something similar to Marx in that
>he goes outside of his field of expertise to
>impose his view of ‘social’ upon animals ‘as if
>they have souls.’ ..." ~ Gregory

  @ When one refuses to grow up (become a
mature, productive, responsible individual)
because he becomes fearful and anxious when he
considers the insecurity that comes with
emancipation from the primitive "group" (family
cocoon for nurturing babies), he is a sitting
duck for Fundamentalists (legalists) of all stripes.

Fundamentalists provide the MANDATORY
"guardrails" which FORCES immature mentalities to
"obey the law". It makes them feel "safe" when
others set the boundaries for them and make them
control themselves in every aspect of their lives

That is why one will find the most
emotionally/spiritually immature mentalities in
the most legalistic "church" and "secular
governments/organizations/settings. The Grace of
God is a "radical freedom" that is just too scary to the immature.

"...Because most people don't see the process for
what it is, they are not organized to resist it."

Social Capitalism, run by Liberal

~ Janice .... who knows that America's Founders
were quite emotionally and spiritually mature as
they held to a biblical "world-view" and were
thus willing to recognize where "freedom" originates.

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