RE: [asa] Study claims that Parallel Universes really do exist.

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In 1975 I wrote a paper on the very early universe [Alexanian, M.,
Mejia-Lira, F.1975. Hadronic nature of the early universe. Physical
Review D.11:716-721. ] and found that the universe after the singularity
consisted of a closed packed configuration of black holes. I took them
to be systems that in the time development of the universe such entities
became hadrons. I suppose I was dealing with some sort of multiverse.




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Robert Mann's article "Inconstant Multiverse" of 2 years ago in PSCF, at , may be helpful.
(He works on quantuim gravity so knows what he's talking about.) & I'll
mention again the paper I gave at the ASA meeting in 1987, "Parallel
Worlds, Quantum Theory, and Divine Sovereignty." It doesn't deal with
recent multiverse theories, which had not yet been invented, but does
treat MWI & other parallel worlds ideas scientifically & theologically.
It's pre-PC so I can't email copies but will be glad to send it
snailmail to anyone who asks & gives a postal address.



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        As I am physically and cosmologically challenged I have a very
rudimentary understanding of the whole multiverse thing. I sort of
understand and would only explain it in a very general way.


        However what is needed is some serious theological thinking to
see how far a multiverse can be included in a theistic viewpoint. As I
have long thought that we should be wary of equating the Big Bang with
the initial creation and that there may be something before that,
multiverses may be just that.


        I wonder what a Fr Coyne, or a Polkinghorne have to say about


        Though I do not like the idea of a multiverse I am reluctant to
say it is unacceptable theologically. However I do not have the
scientific or theological ability to make a case.



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