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From: George Murphy <>
Date: Fri Aug 31 2007 - 09:01:26 EDT

It might help to put this business about cute 3 year olds in theological
perspective. A few years ago a writer to the "letters to the editor" column
of my local paper stated that "all babies are born 100% atheists." He
apparently thought that was a profound putdown of Christianity but it's
basically what Augustana 2 says about original sin - that all people are
born without true fear of God or true faith in God. That is true of
Skatje - and you - and me.


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> I mentioned that Skatje doesn't blame her dad for her atheism in my post.
> The emotional appeal of the cute 3 yr old toddler wasn't mine, it was PZ's
> since this was exactly the way PZ Myers posted it on his website.
> But the emotional response provoked from seeing a cute toddler turning out
> to be an atheist recruiter is a valid concern and one that as Christians
> we
> know Jesus shares as well.
> And this was my point. Instead of just piling on because of the errors in
> ID, we see there are errors all around and on balance we should address
> those as well.
> John
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> John,
>> It is refreshing to see this in a more balanced perspective and to know
> that you agree in rejecting Myers' atheism that he proudly claims for his
> daughter. I think that is a tragedy.
> I'd have to say in fairness that this depends on your point of view.
> I'm extremely proud that my daughter has arrived at the decision to
> embrace Christianity, and is now leading a cell-group at her church.
> But I've no doubt that many atheists would think that this was a
> tragedy as well, and that my wife and I were responsible for
> brain-washing her by introducing her to church. (Interestingly, my
> own father stopped taking me to church because he thought it was
> "brainwashing the poor little bugger" :-)
> One might also note that Skatje Myers doesn't "blame her dad" for her
> atheism and anti-theism - it was a decision she claims to have arrived
> at herself.
> I have to say I had qualms when you posted a picture of the cute three
> year old who is now 17 and recruiting atheists. It seems an argument
> from appeal to emotion. All atheists were cute toddlers once.
> Iain
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