Re: [asa] Behe's Math... was Arrogance

From: PvM <>
Date: Thu Aug 30 2007 - 00:08:32 EDT

See Behe flail

A wonderful example of the extremes to which ID proponents have to go
to deny the evidence. As PZ explores

<quote=>Want to see some real science? An article in the NY Times
summarizes research in the evolution of glucocorticoid receptors. This
is really cool stuff, where the investigators do step-by-step changes
in the protein structure to determine the likely sequence of
evolutionary changes it really does describe the path of
evolutionary history for a set of proteins at the level of amino

Now, if you want to see some junk science, Michael Behe flounders
disgracefully to try and dismiss the work. This is a genuine
embarrassment: Behe is a biochemist who has done legitimate work in
protein structure, and this kind of research ought to be right up his
alley, where he could make an informed analysis. Instead, it's ugly
and sad. A sensible creationist would simply admit that sure, here's
one case of the evolution of a receptor that is solidly made, but hey,
look, over there here are all these other proteins that haven't been
analyzed to the same level of detail. It would be pathetic and
avoiding the issue, but Behe has a different and worse strategy: he
denies the work shows anything at all.</quote>


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