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I think I remember hearing that but more interesting is the tidbit that
Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey's father, is a long-time creationist scientist on
AiG's list, and Jeffrey was raised on all that.

Another morbid tidbit about Jeffrey is that after he was caught and splashed
all over the media, a couple of witnesses came forth and said they saw him
at the mall on the same day and time where Adam Walsh was kidnapped, which
was supposedly what started him off on his gruesome spree.

Dahmer's dad wrote a book about his ordeals and it is really a crazy story.
He said his wife almost died carrying him and he was weird all his life even
from a young boy. Almost want to believe that he was possessed or something
from the womb if such a thing is possible.


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Quoting Dick Fischer <>:
> On the other, other hand, if every hominid who breathed air in the last
> million years is in God's image then it includes Jeffrey Dahmer, the
> Boston strangler, Osama Bin Laden, and other characters of dubious
> reputation. Somehow I can't bring myself to believe that when Paul told
> us Christ was in the image of God that he thought it lumped him in with
> pedophiles and axe murderers. Certainly it is a category more esteemed
> than that.

"Esteem" is a dangerous way to differentiate among (or from) the children of
God. Don't forget that early Christians described the pre-converted apostle
Paul (Saul) in much the same way. "Lord what are you doing?! Let me tell
about him ... " There will always be the scandalous grace for us to
with --- older brother always incredulous at how far his father's
seems to extend (even his squandering younger brother.) BTW -- didn't
Dahmer become a Christian in prison?


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