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Let's face it, there are "serious problems" no matter what avenue you
take to resolve Bible/science (Adam, Adam, wherefore art thou .)
difficulties. Not the least of which is the fact that the vast majority
of Christian believers are already committed to something else. I'm
beginning to have hope that there is a small growing number of us (maybe
a dozen) who take Adam as a Neolithic character who fathered the
covenant race. He had the mandate and he failed at his assigned


Now in view of this historical likelihood we have to accommodate how we
view the idea of Original Sin. If Adam was the first to be accountable
and if sinning requires a measure of accountability then OS begins with
him and he was the first capable of committing it. If Fred Flintstone
and Barney Rubble were held accountable by God for their actions, if
they could look forward to either heaven or hell, then allow cavemen to
be in the "image of God" and look forward to spending an eternity with
some of these guys in the hereafter.


On the other hand, if Adam was the one created in God's image, or simply
put, Adam was the first representative of God, then Genesis 1:27 refers
to him alone. For example, "God created [Adam, not man] in his own
image ..." In other words, Adam was a stand-in for God to bring the
rest of the populated world into a new era of accountability or God
awareness. Then Genesis 5:1 would be understood: "This is the book of
the generations of Adam. In the day that God created [Adam, not "man"]
in the likeness of God made He him."


On the other, other hand, if every hominid who breathed air in the last
million years is in God's image then it includes Jeffrey Dahmer, the
Boston strangler, Osama Bin Laden, and other characters of dubious
reputation. Somehow I can't bring myself to believe that when Paul told
us Christ was in the image of God that he thought it lumped him in with
pedophiles and axe murderers. Certainly it is a category more esteemed
than that.


Dick Fischer

Dick Fischer, Genesis Proclaimed Association

Finding Harmony in Bible, Science, and History



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His analysis of the two basic issues with which evolution confronts
theology is pretty good & I don't have much to add in that regard. It's
not really necessary to divide the 2 types of "spiritual death" as he
does: The "second death" can be understood as the eschatological form
of the spiritual death of this world. But that is perhaps a quibble.


I don't think his arguments for Model C, over against B (the correct
choice :)) are strong. This is in part because the whole notion of the
imputation of "Adam's" sin to his descendants - & perhaps even to those
who aren't his descendants - has serious problems. & while it is
possible to speak of a "first sin," the picture that we get from
Gen.3-11 is really one of a process of falling instead of an abrupt



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I've received about 30 replies so far and I hope more of you will
respond before I share the statistics at the end of next week. Several
of you wrote that you leaned toward a combination or a variation of the
five models. Others indicated that it all depended on the day of the
week. Obviously, this is only a snapshot and general indication of where
this list is parked. A complete list of all of your views would approach
infinity. Just pick whichever perspective comes closest to your thinking
at the time you read it.


Meanwhile, how about some more feedback for Denis Alexander? Any
comments on the data he presents?



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