[asa] Moth study backs classic 'test case' for Darwin's theory

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Date: Tue Aug 28 2007 - 12:11:09 EDT

Many may remember the work by Jonathan Wells which presented what he
considered to be myths of Darwinism. While most of his examples, have
been shown to be quite fallacious, it is always refreshening to see
how science can further our knowledge, invariably showing further
support that Darwinian theory forms a strong foundation to
evolutionary sciences. In this case, Majerus, one of the foremost
experts on moths and the Peppered Moth, has repeated the well known
studies by Kettlewell and shown that the results strongly support the
original thesis.

While perhaps nothing earth shattering, it provides science with a
powerful example that will help educate people about the scientific
vacuity of Intelligent Design.

Moth study backs classic 'test case' for Darwin's theory

<quote>Now a Cambridge professor has repeated the key predation
experiments with the peppered moth, only this time he has taken into
account the criticisms and apparent flaws in the original research
conducted 50 years ago. Michael Majerus, a professor of genetics at
Cambridge University, has spent the past seven years collecting data
from a series of experiments he has carried out in his own rambling
back garden. It has involved him getting up each day before dawn and
then spending several hours looking out of his study window armed with
a telescope and notepad.</quote>

Majerus's website provides us with his talk

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