Re: [asa] Back to evidence for human activity producing climate problems

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Sun Aug 26 2007 - 21:24:11 EDT

At 07:21 PM 8/22/2007, IW wrote:

"...Is there global warming? It doesn´t
matter. Things are changing across the globe
climatically.... Is it primarily the result of
human action? Is it primarily the result of
normal shifts that take place every few century
or millenia? Short or long term? The answer does not really matter. ..

Our actions on the environment, even if not a primary cause, will not help. ..

The climate is in a state of flux and that will
bring with it negative consequences that we will
only worsen if we do not remedy our interactions with the environment." ~ IW

@ This is the best example of cognitive dissonance I've seen today. :)

~ Janice ... providing everyone with just a mere
taste of what you deserve if you're dumb enough
to let the Regressives (who falsely call
themselves "Progressives") and their Stalinist
enforcer hirelings get away with another power grab (pun intended):

"Here is my real world example of the Global
Warming effects on Policy. The State of
California just passed legislation based on the
Global Warming hysteria that has forced electric
bills to be billed by customer usage of kwh in
“usage tiers”. Any usage over a certain mystery
amount, that the nuts in the state legislature
determined would reduce Global Warming, results
in a penalty rate being charged to the customer.

My bill this month was $400 higher than last
month due to the fact I consumed electricity into
the penalty range of the “usage tier” they call “energy hogs”.
My electric bill went from $200 to $600 even
though most days were in excess of 100 F last
month and I set my thermostat at 82 F. I live near Palm Springs, Kalifornia.
I want a refund! This is the kind of crap the
global warming nut jobs are using to say we are
wasting energy and increasing the temperature of
the planet with fraudulent research by NASA and others.

My local barber said his bill was in excess of
$1000, a $600 increase because of bogus science.
This is a real world example of consensus science
run amok. My barber will have to pass the cost
along as well as all the other businesses in this
state. This is Pure insanity. How do I as a
homeowner pass the cost along? We all are going
to the City Council Meeting next Tuesday and are
going to protest the new electric rates. I am
going to bring in the new data from NASA to
debunk their arguments about Global Warming.

You all should be outraged that public policy is
based on junk science. You are going to be paying
too. Like they say, California is usually the
leader in liberal policies. If California passes
something, so goes the nation.

Posted by: ScottyDog | August 11, 2007 12:46

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