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From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Sun Aug 26 2007 - 19:02:55 EDT

At 01:01 AM 8/25/2007, PvM wrote:

Professor Hector Avalos, Professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State
University has recently finished "Creationists for genocide" ... An
interesting reading with some challenging positions. ~ Pim

@ So you're saying that in addition to Dawkins, you found another
God-hater who you think has a valid point when he writes things like
this: <quote> "..this essay demonstrates that the defense of
genocide, infanticide and "eugenics" by creationists actually has a
very venerable and lengthy tradition that precedes Darwin. In fact,
the most blatant defenses of genocide ever penned are still to be
found among creationists. .." <quote>

The vacuous Avalos - (who, as a good leftist "partisan" no doubt
supports todays barbarians over Israel) - embarrasses himself:

  "....[They] looked under the rocks of history to try to understand
some of the more disturbing and troubling "acting out" that humans
had been engaged in since the dawn of humanness.

In particular, Bergmann focuses on the puzzling right turn that
occurred in human history when Abraham, instead of sacrificing his
son -- which any good father would do, including contemporary
Palestinians -- hears the voice of God telling him not to. (You will
note that contemporary Palestinians are quite frank and unapologetic
in letting the world know that they are still in thrall to a
pre-Abrahamic voice they call "Allah" urging them to sacrifice their children.)

One of the virtues of the book we recently discussed,
the Dawn, is that it pulls no PC punches in chronicling just how
unimaginably savage human beings were in the past. I don't have time
to look up the exact statistic at the moment, but Wade mentioned
something to the effect that if the murder rate in the 20th century
had been comparable to what it was among primitive human groups, the
deaths due to war would have run in the billions instead of a "mere"
100 million.

Thus, from our vantage point, the 20th century looks like a
catastrophe, but from the vantage point of antiquity it was
conspicuously peaceful -- even though seven out of ten European
descendents of Abraham were incinerated in the process. This is
hardly a coincidence, as the fascist/socialist rebellion of the 20th
century represented nothing less than a vertical "counter-revolution"
which had to involve the Jews, just as the Islamist devolution must
involve them -- as if the light produces a rebellious shadow in the
lower vertical. The devolutionary forces of the lower vertical are
always visible in groups that oppose the Jews, currently
Islam and the international Left.

In his book, Breiner analyzes the vast cultural differences between
the ancient Jews and their contemporaries -- the Greeks, Egyptians,
Romans, and Chinese. The notion that these vast differences can be
explained by "genetics" is strict nonsense. This would be the
position of Wade and other orthodox Darwinians -- as if Abraham
didn't sacrifice Isaac because of a random genetic mutation! ....
I'll discuss further the..."

~ Janice

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