Re: [asa] Creationists for genocide

From: Janice Matchett <>
Date: Sun Aug 26 2007 - 18:53:40 EDT

At 01:08 AM 8/26/2007, Christine Smith wrote:

>"..Moreover, this complexity also makes the Bible a "living
>document" in the same sense that the Constitution is said to be a
>living document, in that it provides a framework (combined with your
>own reason & interpretation) for making judgments in the future
>about specific situations never faced by the original authors.

@ The Constitution is "alive" in the sense that it remains
relevant to today's political and legal discussions. The
Constitution was written to be "the supreme Law of the Land."
a constant, unchanging document written for the ages. [As in the
past, future] changes should be within the context of the
Constitution, not outside

"...The Constitution, the judges decided, changes to "comport with
evolving standards of decency that reflect a maturing society."

As Scalia quipped, "How come societies only mature -- they never rot?"

Enough evidence exists to argue that this one is rotting, and one of
the reasons may be because too many people have decided that the
underlying bedrock of our nation can mean whatever the prevailing
philosophers -- translation: politicians and judges -- of the day
want it to mean. ..Con't..: Seeing Constitution as enduring, not living

"...In many ways, the development of Christianity represented the
temporalization of the spatial revelation given to the ancient
Hebrews. In other words, the Jews were given the law, or the
"constitution," so to speak, and we all know how much mischief is
engendered by people who think that the constitution is a "living
document." This latter idea is one of the principle tools of
ideologues who wish to legitimize their devolutionary policies,
always under the banner of "evolution." As such, we must naturally be
skeptical of folks who look progressive but who merely wish to
overturn the divine-cosmic order so that they will feel more at home
in the world. This, of course, is what the left habitually does,
since its core constituency consists of alienated cosmic misfits of
one sort or another."

~ Janice

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