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A quickie response.

I have never been impressed with the alleged bloodline running from Darwin
to Hitler, and from what I have picked up about Wiekart I am not impressed.

Historical attitudes by Christians to others over history have often been
wicked eg Luther on Jews and many others.

However a quick look at Avalos indicates an equally unimpressive argument.
To say Torrey (a TE not a creationist) Safarti and Craig support genocide
is not accurate as they were seeking to understand the OT.

I haven't time to do more.

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> Professor Hector Avalos, Professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State
> University has recently finished "Creationists for genocide" which
> explores the link between ethics, the holocaust, Darwinism and Luther.
> An interesting reading with some challenging positions.
> <quote>
> One understands nothing about creationism unless one understands that
> it is meant to be a system of ethics. That is why the assault on
> evolution has always included a lengthy history of moral judgments
> against evolution. Perhaps none of these judgments has been more
> accusatory than the idea that Darwinism led to the Holocaust. Such an
> idea is trumpeted in many creationist venues, including books and
> blogs. A prime example of this accusation today is found in Richard
> Weikart's From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and
> Racism in Germany (2004).[1] Weikart is a member of the Discovery
> Institute who has devoted his career to elucidating the supposed
> immoral consequences of evolution.
> For Weikart, the materialistic basis of evolutionary theory is
> responsible for the devaluation of human life in general. In
> particular, the idea of the survival of the fittest leads to the
> devaluation or extermination of those considered "unfit" in society.
> Death becomes a good thing insofar as it helps the species rid itself
> of unfit organisms. The principal goal of all such anti-evolutionary
> moral arguments is to show that creationism, especially in its
> Judeo-Christian form, is a superior moral system.
> Aside from exposing the historical flaws found in the work of Weikart,
> this essay demonstrates that the defense of genocide, infanticide and
> "eugenics" by creationists actually has a very venerable and lengthy
> tradition that precedes Darwin. In fact, the most blatant defenses of
> genocide ever penned are still to be found among creationists. Some of
> these defenders of genocide include Reuben A. Torrey, the famed
> fundamentalist apologist, William Lane Craig, Jonathan Sarfati, an
> Australian Young-Earth creationist with a Ph.D. in chemistry, and
> Glenn Miller, an American business executive who fancies himself to be
> a biblical scholar.[2]
> </quote>
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