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Professor Hector Avalos, Professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State
University has recently finished "Creationists for genocide" which
explores the link between ethics, the holocaust, Darwinism and Luther.
An interesting reading with some challenging positions.

One understands nothing about creationism unless one understands that
it is meant to be a system of ethics. That is why the assault on
evolution has always included a lengthy history of moral judgments
against evolution. Perhaps none of these judgments has been more
accusatory than the idea that Darwinism led to the Holocaust. Such an
idea is trumpeted in many creationist venues, including books and
blogs. A prime example of this accusation today is found in Richard
Weikart's From Darwin to Hitler: Evolutionary Ethics, Eugenics, and
Racism in Germany (2004).[1] Weikart is a member of the Discovery
Institute who has devoted his career to elucidating the supposed
immoral consequences of evolution.

For Weikart, the materialistic basis of evolutionary theory is
responsible for the devaluation of human life in general. In
particular, the idea of the survival of the fittest leads to the
devaluation or extermination of those considered "unfit" in society.
Death becomes a good thing insofar as it helps the species rid itself
of unfit organisms. The principal goal of all such anti-evolutionary
moral arguments is to show that creationism, especially in its
Judeo-Christian form, is a superior moral system.

Aside from exposing the historical flaws found in the work of Weikart,
this essay demonstrates that the defense of genocide, infanticide and
"eugenics" by creationists actually has a very venerable and lengthy
tradition that precedes Darwin. In fact, the most blatant defenses of
genocide ever penned are still to be found among creationists. Some of
these defenders of genocide include Reuben A. Torrey, the famed
fundamentalist apologist, William Lane Craig, Jonathan Sarfati, an
Australian Young-Earth creationist with a Ph.D. in chemistry, and
Glenn Miller, an American business executive who fancies himself to be
a biblical scholar.[2]

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