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I've received about 30 replies so far and I hope more of you will respond before I share the statistics at the end of next week. Several of you wrote that you leaned toward a combination or a variation of the five models. Others indicated that it all depended on the day of the week. Obviously, this is only a snapshot and general indication of where this list is parked. A complete list of all of your views would approach infinity. Just pick whichever perspective comes closest to your thinking at the time you read it.

Meanwhile, how about some more feedback for Denis Alexander? Any comments on the data he presents?

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  It was great to meet many of you in person at Edinburgh. It's always good to put a face with the email address. I trust you returned home safely and found the meeting to be productive.

  I found the meeting to be very broad and far-ranging with some excellent speakers. The audio is still being processed and should be posted as soon as that is completed so those of you who couldn't attend can sample some of the talks.

  Meanwhile, I just received permission from Denis Alexander, director/founder of the Faraday Institute, to share his presentation with this group. The topic is very close to some of the recent threads on this list. He intends to put much of the material into a chapter in a book and I agreed to provide him with all your posts on this thread. He would greatly value all your comments and feedback.

  His talk was titled "Darwinian Evolution; The Really Hard Questions" The audio will be available later but the full text and a pdf of his presentation are available at:
  Please do not forward this link outside this list for now. I only obtained his permission for this group and this may only be a temporary link.

  This also gives me an opportunity to do an informal survey. On pages 21-25 of his presentation, he presents five models, A through E. I'd like to ask all of you (including all lurkers) to send me a note directly as a Reply to this note (do NOT copy the listserv or anyone else) containing ONLY a SINGLE letter: A, B, C, D, or E, reflecting your current inclination. No explanations or comments. I'll compile the statistics and share them with all of you. (don't stack the deck by voting more than once!)

  The topic is broad enough that our discussion can go in many different directions. Some possible major areas are:
  Does he clearly and accurately reflect the science of human origins?
  Does he clearly and accurately reflect the biblical/theological options?
  Does he reasonably defend his own preference?


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