Re: [asa] FYI: Arrogance, dogma and why science - not faith - is the new enemy of

From: Dave Wallace <>
Date: Fri Aug 24 2007 - 09:06:25 EDT

Very well said George, especially:

"Maybe God has, but we don't know that."

Anyone who admits there are unsolved problems, especially in
scientifically related works for the popular press gets a lot of bonus
points in my thinking. In The God Delusion Dawkins looses a lot of
credibility due to some of his simply mean and petty asides like the
incident with the airline clerk who wore a cross. Dawkins says one look
at her indicated she was stupid. Dawkins admission that unsolved
problems exist like the beginning of life, helps to compensate somewhat
for his flaws. A friend (chemical engineer) of mine who read my copy of
The God Delusion over the summer felt that Dawkins frequently destroyed
the force of his arguments by incidents like the one above.

Dave W (CSCA)

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