[asa] Land Animals and the Flood

From: gordon brown <gbrown@Colorado.EDU>
Date: Thu Aug 23 2007 - 22:58:38 EDT

In Genesis 6, after describing the extreme sinfulness of man, it is said
that God was sorry that He had made man. It also says that He was sorry
that he had made the land animals. I have somehow managed to mentally skip
over the latter and assume that what happened was collateral damage. This
is not good theology since it seems to assume that God couldn't think of a
means of judgment that would be restricted to humans.

It is natural to ask why God was sorry that He had made these animals. I
haven't found very much commentary about this. Ambrose suggested that
God would no longer have a purpose for these creatures if there were no
humans. I am not satisfied with this because it doesn't tell us why He
wasn't sorry that he had made the rest of creation, marine animals for

The thought occurred to me that it might have been because men were
worshipping images of these animals. Paul's list in Romans 1:23 of animals
whose images men worshipped appears to be the same as the list in Genesis
6. On the other hand Exodus 20:4 also forbade images of anything in the
waters under the earth, whatever that means.

I have two questions that someone on the list might have ideas about or
more information on.
1. Is my suggestion about the idolatry a possible answer to why God
said He was sorry about having created land animals?
2. Do the animals that Paul mentions in Romans 1:23 pretty well cover the
list of creatures whose images were widely worshipped among the pagans?

Gordon Brown

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