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May I ask what is so meritorious about a 'scientific explanation of P'? At
what point would those who are proposing the need for such cease their
searching for a scientific explanation had they been at the Wedding in
Canaan when the feast ran out of wine.?
I sense that your problem, not to say thinly disguised ridicule of
Plantinga, is not on the merits of his case (which is part of a two-section
very long paper) but because of the way you define science. You don't mean a
rational, logical explanation - you mean an explanation in terms of
something natural, judged to be more fundamental which will lead to the need
for a further explanation of something(s) natural but more fundamental still
and so on ad infinitum. Isn't this naturalism dressed up as science?
I'm still waiting for someone to come back with a clear and succinct
statement of what is meant by science. I don't mean a treatise - I mean one
or two sentences.

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> An interesting quote from Plantinga in a LeaderU article on Methodological

> Naturalism
> 63. Why couldn't a scientist think as follows? God has created the world,
> and of course has created everything in it directly or indirectly. After a

> great deal of study, we can't see how he created some phenomenon P (life,
> for example) indirectly; thus probably he has created it directly. return
> text
> This is akin to IC or is it God-of-the-Gaps.
If one believes that all things have been created by God, what is gained by
concluding that phenomenon P has been created directly? OTOH, there is the
clear disadvantage that one thereby forecloses the possibility of obtaining
a scientific explanation of P.
This is just the old "Then a miracle occurs" gambit, but this time as a
supposedly serious suggestion instead of a cartoon.

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