Re: [asa] Theological Perspectives Without a Literal Adam

From: Merv <>
Date: Thu Aug 23 2007 - 08:05:48 EDT

Thanks for those clarifications, George. A theology which defies
observation is, in general, problematic -- even dangerous. That makes
sense. Some concepts are close cousins to this defiance, however, that
I think are legitimate. God can demand faith from us, which (while not
necessarily contrary to evidence), almost by definition, does not get
much (or any) of its support from scientific evidence.

George Murphy wrote: (snipped)
> (1) A distinction should be made between faith in God and theology,
> the attempt to think through and explicate that faith. A person can
> have genuine faith in the God revealed in Christ independently of what
> he/she thinks or doesn't think about evolution. But a theology of
> creation which contradicts what science tells us about the world at
> important points is badly defective & may undercut any attempts to
> communicate the Christian message. Cf. Aquinas: "It is, therefore,
> evident that the opinion is false of those who asserted that it made
> no difference to the truth of the faith what anyone holds about
> creatures, so long as one thinks rightly about God, as Augustine tells
> us in his book /On the Origin of the Soul/. For error concerning
> creatures, by subjecting them to causes other than God, spills over
> into false opinion about God and takes men's minds away from Him, to
> whom faith seeks to lead them.
> Merv wrote:
> In the latter case, the answer to George's question is that
> evolution or one's quest to find and build answers in that
> construct is totally irrelevant to the world of faith in God. (Or
> at least it would be if it weren't for the warfare folks promoting
> science to the level of theology, thereby demeaning theology.)
> If one's preoccupation with science (of any kind) becomes an
> obsession displacing their passion and love for God, then it is
> idolatry (and always would have been from long before evolutionary
> theory). In that case science has strayed out of its subset into
> wider faith domain that contains it, and it becomes a matter of
> faith to deal with it.
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