Re: [asa] Theological Perspectives Without a Literal Adam

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Date: Thu Aug 23 2007 - 00:48:33 EDT

Regarding "original righteousness" --

My (still forming) view on the Genesis 3 account is that the existence of an actual "original righteousness" in space and time is not important because our falling away was primarily spiritual rather than bodily and therefore may have been outside space and time, just as Satan's fall probably was.? When the Bible says we sinned "in Adam", that could be describing an actual event in history or it could be an accomodational statement that we as Mankind are possessors?of?a corporate, spiritual fallenness that has its roots outside of spacetime.? This kind of fallenness would still be the result a very _real_ falling away, more real than mere events in history that are just shadows and projections of spiritual reality.? So this does not move the Fall from being a real event into mere myth.? The upshot of this is that there would be no reason to expect to see any projection of "original righteousness" in human history and so there is no conflict between Scripture and science.

I think that Augustine would not have thought along those lines because he didn't understand spacetime as a limited and physical entity, as we do now; yet his?main insight was theologically correct even if historically wrong.


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